API Documentation

Check out the API Documentation that describes how to use the APIs and includes code samples in multiple languages. The API developer portal here allows you to directly test the APIs and request reports. Please sign in first.

For third-party independent uses of APIs with server-side secure implementation and client-side scripting, we provide many examples at two property location and hazard risk information portals:
(1) https://propertylocation.com.au/ (for Australia)
(2) https://propertylocation360.com/ (for the U.S. and other regions)
We are happy to provide any assistance if needed.

Developer Support

For more information about the Location Profile APIs, please visit BigData Earth website.

For subscriptions & technical support, as well as consulting services that turn your data into Web APIs, Web Apps and Web Services (along with the creation of standalone cloud-based big data & analytics platforms and white-label reporting), please stay in touch and send enquiries to developer@bigdataearth.com.